Videos & Pictures

Moments in Time

Over the last 6 years I've had moments in time recorded on video and photos with many wonderful people thanks to Astrology.


The pictures are from events, conferences, and personal trips I have taken where I've met Astrologers and Clients in person!


In the videos I share astrological & spiritual knowledge, personal wisdom, life experiences, and lots of laughs!


Check some of these moments out in the galleries below.


Teri and I in California

Teri Stanley of Teri's Hollistic Healing and I in California!

Bizarre States Filming

Jessica Chobot, Myself, and Andrew Bowser on set recording for the Bizarre States Podcast episode on Astrology!

Nadiya Shah and I

Meeting Nadiya Shah for the first time at UAC 2018!

Wonder Bright Photo

Showing off my stelliums with Wonder Bright Photography at UAC 2018!

Rick Levine and I

Meeting Rick Levine, wizard extraordinaire, at UAC 2018!

Steven Forrest and I

Met Steven Forrest at UAC 2018! His lecture was wonderful!

Robert Hand and I

Robert Hand and I at UAC 2018!

Sheetal, Robert, and I

Myself, Robert Schmidt, and Sheetal Story at UAC 2018!

Alexis and I

Alexis and I ended up on the screen at the opening ceremony of UAC 2018!

Dianna McBride

Meeting Dianna McBride at UAC 2018. She was a wonderful woman and friend, rest in cosmic peace Astro-Squirrel Queen!

Alexis and I

Alexis and I showing off our Venus ruled ascendants with Wonder Bright at UAC 2018!

Susan Miller and I

Meeting Susan Miller at UAC 2018... she's a sweetheart!!

Ana Andrade and I

Hanging out with Ana Andrade after her lecture on adoption in the birth chart! (Fun fact: I am adopted and her lecture was ON POINT!)

Olga Morales and I

Olga Morales and I having fun!

At the Lobby

A little selfie at the lobby of UAC 2018! The lobby was full of Astrologers!

Rose Marcus

Getting ready for Rose Marcus' lecture on Chiron!

Robert Hand Lecture

It was an honor to be able to attend a lecture by Robert Hand!

Jessica Lanyadoo and I

Jessica Lanyadoo and I after appearing with Nadiya Shah on her live broadcast of the weekly horoscope for her channel at UAC 2018!

Austin Coppock Lecture

Getting ready for Austin Coppock's lecture on the Zodiac's 36 Faces

Polaroid fun

Who says Astrology conferences are just for lectures? Love this pic!

All smiles

All Smiles! Loved hanging out with them at the conference!

NCGR Las Vegas

During a lecture with NCGR Las Vegas Stargazers led by Carol Dimitrov!

NCGR Las Vegas

During a lecture with NCGR Las Vegas Stargazers led by Carol Dimitrov!