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Established Client - Astrology Consultations

Birth Chart Consultation

☆ More Star Stuff ☆ - This consultation will have us revisit the unique and wonderful mix of Universal energy within your Birth Chart at a deeper level. Since we established the general overview of the Birth Chart with your first reading, this will allow us another hour to focus on specific points or aspects of interest in your chart.


Transit Consultation

​☆ As the Stars Align ☆ - Adding another layer on top of your Birth Chart knowledge, the Transit Birth Chart consultation looks into how the Planets are affecting your Birth Chart, and in turn your Life, at any point in time. This is a great reading for pinpointing periods of opportunity and how best to work with the energy of the Universe! This consultation has a max 45 day range you can look into.


Solar Return Consultation

​☆ Another Trip Around the Sun ☆ - Happy Birthday! Let's celebrate another year of your Life with a Solar Return consultation! This consultation looks into the next year from Birthday to Birthday (Solar Return to Solar Return). The Solar Return occurs when the Sun comes back to the exact position it was at when you were born. The chart of that moment indicates the energy of the next year and can tell you what parts of your life will be in focus.


Year Ahead Transit Consultation

☆ This is THE Year ☆ - Stay ahead of the Universal Lessons with an IN-DEPTH 'Year Ahead Consultation'!  This information-packed 3 hour consultation (in 1 or 2 sessions) breaks the year down to help you navigate it! Before we meet I will pour hours into breaking it all down, transit by transit, extracting the most important information and dates to keep in mind. It's recorded so you can reference it, but bring a notepad! It's A LOT of info! The 'Year' begins on the date of your consultation.