The Transmuting Butterfly

Transmuting Butterfly Astrology

Hello! My name is Christina, and I am a metaphysical free-spirit dedicated to promoting the use of our natural intuitive abilities as tools for personal and spiritual development. I do this through writing, teaching, consultations (my fave), and the occasional YouTube or FB Live video! 

I developed a passion for Astrology and Tarot at a very early age as I was raised in a spiritual Latin family. My early awareness led me to begin my spiritual journey as a teenager, researching and reading up on religions, astrology, and other metaphysical topics online!

In Nov. 2014, I started Transmuting Butterfly Astrology. Since then, I have given hundreds of consultations, taught multiple classes (online and in person), and appeared as a guest on several YouTube channels. 

Outside of my life as an Astrologer, I enjoy music, dancing, meeting new people, and being the coolest mom ever to my 12-year-old Leo princess. I also enjoy studying a wide-range of topics in my free time: Alchemy, Gnosticism, Esotericism, Theosophy, Occult Arts, and Psychology.

My Astrology Style

My Astrology Style is closely related to the Modern Western/Evolutionary school of Astrology with a giant dollop of everything I study.


My style is heavily anchored in the principle of 'You are the master of your own life.' It is very 'You-centric'... focused on you as an individual. All great works start within ourselves, apart from whatever may be happening in our lives, so I make sure to keep the focus on you.

This includes coming to me for relationship readings... I am a big proponent of 'you won't have good relationships if you don't have a good relationship with yourself'. Seems a little rough, but it's something I've learned through my own journey and having my natal Saturn in the 7th house (yaaaaay... not. lol).


I am not the one for fluffy readings. I go straight to the deepest source of a matter. I identify it in order to help you bring awareness to it, then show you where you can pull from to help balance it. 'Helping you transmute darkness into light' isn't just a pretty slogan, it's what I do. We get down and dirty on the hard spots in your chart, and then I help you find the light in it.

If you would like more info on my style and what to expect, I suggest reading a few 'Client Testimonials'. I am grateful to all my clients for allowing me to opportunity to come into such a personal space and allowing me to help them transmute darkness into light.