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The Transmuting Butterfly

Christy Caramelo [♏️☀️♐️🌙♉️🌅] is a metaphysical

free-spirit dedicated to promoting the use of Astrology, Tarot, and natural Intuitive abilities as tools for personal and spiritual development.


Having been raised in a very spiritual Latinx family, Christy developed a deep passion for Astrology and Tarot at a very early age. Her awareness of the unseen dimensions of life led her to begin her independent spiritual education as a teenager. Through her studies, Christy found her path within the Evolutionary/Esoteric side of spiritual life.


In 2014, she opened her own consulting practice, Transmuting Butterfly Astrology. Since then, Christy has given hundreds of readings, taught multiple Astrology classes, and appeared as a guest Astrologer on several YouTube channels (Videos). 

Most recently, Christy has taken on a more active role within the larger Astrological community as a member of the Steering Committee for AFAN (Association for Astrological Networking On a local level, Christy has been an active member of NCGR through the Las Vegas Stargazers chapter (National Council for Geocosmic Research

Outside of her life as an Astrologer, Christy enjoys music, dance, meeting new people, and being the coolest mom ever to her 10 year old Leo princess.